5 Steps to Create a Stunning Logo Design [2023]

pacific calm logo design process

A good logo design helps any business stand out in its respective niche. It is the visual representation of your brand, and it should be memorable, relevant, and scalable. A persuasive logo design can help your brand in the following ways: Create a strong first impression Differentiate yourself from the competition Build brand awareness Improve […]

5 must have FREE chrome extensions for graphic designers [2023]

Graphic Designers often search for inspiration online and stumble upon questions like: What is the hex code of this color? What technologies did they use to develop this website? Is the copy in my design correct ? How do I screenshot this entire web page? and many more… Following are list of Chrome Extensions for […]

5 steps to make a FREE color palette online from an image

You have not even a single clue about color theory, analogous colors, accent colors, or any color jargon – yet you want to make a color palette. Yes, it is absolutely possible to make a color palette without knowing anything about color.

5 Best English YouTube Channels for Graphic Design [2023]

Every self-teaching graphic designer longs for expert guidance in the aspects of color, typography, mockups, client communications, and many more. YouTube has been a safe haven for upskilling in graphic design for more than a decade now. It has subject matter experts and design industry veterans who share their vast knowledge to help other beginner […]