What is a Digital Marketing Agency? What does the best Digital Marketing Agency do to 3x your business?

At Vernaa, we define the best Digital Marketing Agency or a full-service Digital Agency as a singular entity that provides a combination of IT, marketing & advertising services that are crucial for a business.

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What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

Nobody seems to agree on the definition of a digital agency. Some define it as an assembly of marketing tools and professionals that build and promote a product while some limit its domain to the development and marketing of screen-based products such as websites and apps.

To provide a well-rounded service, we at Vernaa define a Full-service Digital Agency or a Digital Marketing Agency as a singular entity that provides a combination of IT and marketing services that are crucial for a business.

Why does your business need a digital agency?

Let’s assume that you want to open a shop in your local bazaar crowded with lost shoppers and salesmen with loudspeakers advertising their merchandise.

Running an online business is like that. Except, your local bazaar is the size of a planet, and there are a billion shops with sales associates advertising on loudspeakers.

Your product might even have to compete with other similar products. Chances are that few will notice your shop in that crowd.

Now, what do you do to ensure that customers find your shop and buy your product? Any marketing expert will tell you that it takes more than a high-quality product.

You’ll need a strong foundation, a clear runway in place to guide your customers to find their way to your products through digital platforms and social media distribution channels.

A digital agency is necessary to build you that path.

Following is the list of essential services that a digital marketing agency like Vernaa can furnish to position your product/service into a global market:


Historically branding is applied on animals to identify the owners or the farm they are associated with. In modern times, branding has been extrapolated to companies with competent products and services to fulfil a similar purpose and propel the sales of their respective products and services.

Every company wants to stand out from the norm and make sure they are visible to their customers over other competitors. Branding enables companies to communicate their core values, unique selling propositions, new products to the customers and propel sales.

A well-designed logo is only a tiny part of a zillion digital assets of a brand. Logos, Business Cards, Letter Heads, Packaging, Icons, Fonts Used, Brand Voice, Language, Visuals and many more combined together build a strong foundation to a company’s branding.

Vernaa Digital Agency specialises in formulating brand assets with expertise in crafting timeless logos and establish the bridge of interaction between companies and their customers through tailor-fit brand assets and perceptible designs that can drive sales.

Application (Web & Mobile App) Development:

Billion-dollar companies of modern times never own a physical store to interact with customers. Smartest Phones, Fast Internet and Economical Data materialised the scope to penetrate into any market for the companies. All they need is a robust web and mobile application.

Do you have a product? Or a bunch of products? Or products of multiple vendors? An E-Commerce application can help you sell it to anyone living in any corner of the world. Marketing isn’t just about an appealing advertisement but a good, fault-tolerant application that gives the user a seamless shopping experience.

Vernaa masters in creating the best design with dynamic functionality, together that make a world-class web and mobile applications. The applications are coupled with strategic digital marketing to help the brands establish in the markets and reach the target audience.

Graphic Design:

Do you know that most consumed content of the internet: memes are made with the skill of Graphic Design? With centuries of rich history, enhanced tools and technologies, Graphic Design right now is a valuable skill to help companies compete for the niches.

The banners, cover & display pictures,  posts, stories, reels – every medium in social media demands a customised composition and responsive designs to reach a wider audience. Only a diverse graphic designing service can help companies convey their intent using distinct platforms.

Design Team at Vernaa Digital Agency adapts to the factors and requirements of customer’s existing market, competition, and targets and render alluring designs that gain maximum traction in social media and articulates the brand to its audience. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):

The most ambiguous, the most debated, the most worrisome aspect of Digital marketing is “ what exactly is SEO? “. 

In simplest terms, it is making your website attractive, approachable, attentive by a search engine like Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go and many more.

Google’s first page with search results is the most valuable asset in the modern times. It can get you a ton of traffic, mammoth sales and help you scale up exponentially. The only mechanism that can get you there is Search Engine Optimisation.

I am not just telling you, the reader that Vernaa is one of the best digital marketing agency in Hyderabad, India but also to the search engine so that it’ll know to flaunt the website in the first page of its results. That’s how SEO works, telling and proving search engines we are the best in the market.

Search Engines like Google update their algorithm often. competitive search engine optimisation of the website to sync with the dynamic needs of the search engines can help you reach the top of search engine ladder with definitive and consistent efforts. The unparalleled and optimum SEO experts from Vernaa Digital Agency can help you and your companies achieve it.

Social Media Marketing:

Did you know that the best time to post on Instagram is 7-9 PM (post-work hours) in 2020-2021 as most people use Insta via mobile and they don’t like to use it in the non-business hours?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) isn’t just about being a postman to post the posts (ah that’s a lot of poetry in a post :P) in the digital platforms, it’s just customising the strategy corresponding to the client’s product/service and identifying the ways to reach the target audience.

Social Media Experts at Vernaa Digital Agency can come up with creative brand moments, topical spots, custom strategies for paid promotions, trending templates, host Q&A with your audience, delegate feedback and many more to help you achieve the target mileage in digital platforms.

How does Vernaa stand out?

Usually, any average best digital marketing agency you stumble upon is good with marketing or a dedicate design studio with abstract or graffiti art-filled walls, with Vernaa, you can walk in with your business plan and walk out with everything you need to get up and running in no time.

The team at Vernaa Digital Agency is a unique blend of awesome aliens that are subject matter experts of art, tech and marketing that can you skyrocket your sales and enhance the perception of audience about your product/service. 

Now is the right time for anything, ping us today a free quote and let us catch up to see how we can help each other.

Stay Happy, Test Negative & Feel Positive!


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