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5 Best English YouTube Channels for Graphic Design [2023]

Every self-teaching graphic designer longs for expert guidance in the aspects of color, typography, mockups, client communications, and many more.

YouTube has been a safe haven for upskilling in graphic design for more than a decade now. It has subject matter experts and design industry veterans who share their vast knowledge to help other beginner designers to navigate through the industry.

The following is the list of the best YouTubers that help me every day with their expertise.

The last one on the list is the most valuable and pretty underrated.

#1 Satori Graphics

Satori Graphics is a home of graphic design content that deep dives into distinct topics of fonts, design principles, Adobe Illustrator tips & tricks, and many more.

The channel articulates the subtle differences between the amateur & pro approach graphic designer approach to distinct design problems. 

The channel organizes its content into playlists that get updated on a regular basis. It helps me revisit the channel often and check the playlist of the topic I need the most. 

My favorite playlist is as follows:

  1. Download the best FREE fonts
  2. Amateur vs Pro Graphic Design
  3. Learn Graphic Design Principles

#2 Piximperfect

Piximperfect, hosted by Unmesh Dinda, a rockstar Photoshop expert that helps millions of subscribers with Photoshop usage and application in Graphic Design.

The channel comprehensively discussed various tools & techniques of Photoshop that solves complex design problems like Subject Selection, Retouching, Color Grading, Photo Composite & the new Ai features.

The slow & friendly narration of the host helps the audience to follow along and solve their respective design issues. Even a complete beginner can follow the steps and achieve a similar output to the host. 

It’s hard to pick the top 3 but my favorite videos on the channel are:

  1. Photoshop Generative Fill, 20 EPIC USES – SUPERFAST
  2. The Ex-it plan with Ai & Photoshop 
  3. 11 shortcuts to remove background in one click

There’s a free website/playlist on this channel for Photoshop beginners that deserves a stand-alone post that I’ll cover in future posts.


#3 Daniel Scott

Bring Your Own Laptop – hosted by Daniel Scott, an Adobe-certified instructor.

Let’s say Daniel Scott can do it all. He’s a master of every tool in the Adobe Creative Cloud and hosts valuable tutorials for each one of them in the channel.

Daniel adds humor & interactivity with every video making them engaging and hooks the audience to the content. Every youtube course on any topic is comprehensive and organized into sections. Each section ends with a practice project to implement the principles taught in it.

Daniel Scott is kind enough to provide the design assets he used in the video description.

Every YouTube video in the channel is a course by itself and it’s difficult to pick 3. But the three videos I refer to the most are:

  1. Free Figma UX Design UI Essentials Course
  2. Free Adobe Premier Pro Essential Tutorials Course – Video Editing Basics
  3. Free Adobe Illustrator Tutorial Course for Beginners


#4 Dansky

Danksy helped me big time when in my beginner days of using Adobe Illustrator. 

Certain designs and effects look easy with paper and pencil. In the process of digitizing them with Adobe Illustrator, we tend to fall flat in achieving the desired result of the sketch. Danksy’s illustrator videos help any aspiring logo designer to get hold of the tool.

Danky’s video on logo design is my favorite. The top 3 videos that helped me the most in the channel are:

  1. 13 advanced logo design techniques YOU NEED TO KNOW
  2. 13 Logo Design Tools You MUST KNOW
  3. Create a swirling gradient logo in Illustrator 


#5 Most Underrated YouTuber

Lindsay Marsh is a renowned online graphic designer teacher on the internet. 

She offers comprehensive courses on the topics of Graphic Design, Logo Design, Freelance for creatives & many more essential design topics.

She often shares the valuables pieces of her courses on her YouTube channel. Her courses contain priceless resources in high-resolution PDF format to visually summarise her teachings and accumulate important resources for graphic designers.

Her teachings & courses deserve an exclusive blog post which I’ll write soon in future posts.

For now, the top 3 videos I revisit the most on her channel are:

  1. Portfolio building with Behance – Putting together a project
  2. Instagram reels that show off your project & get views !! Photoshop template included!
  3. The Psychology of Color in Design

She was my first teacher when I started venturing into graphic design. Watch out for her course coupons and grab the super inexpensive deals.

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